P85 Aircraft Introduced

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This new ship is called the P85. It is a derivative of the Radial Rocket with changes to accommodate liquid cooled V8 engine technology. The focus of the P85 is on a simple, relatively low cost V8 firewall forward powerplant option. The P85 cowling has been lofted to fit small block and big block Chevrolet engines. Assembly/construction of the first P85 is well underway – scheduled to be “on the gear” in just a few weeks. The engine will be a 400 cid small block, with approximately 375 shp, delivered through a re-drive with a 1.7:1 reduction ratio.

As part of the introduction of the P85, we will soon be reorganizing our company website to reflect the addition of the P85, as well as other planned aircraft. More info and photos to be posted in the very near future – Stay tuned!

N903WT First Flight!

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Congratulations to Jimmy Andrews on the the first flight of his beautiful new Radial Rocket RG on 10/15/12. Jim’s plane is powered by a 425+ horsepower M-14PF equipped with electronic ignitinon, fuel injection and upgraded piston/ring technology. A dual Garmin G3X instrument panel and leather interior compliment the very nice paint design.